Edanya’s pranks earn her a Double Spanking

Edanya's whoopie cushion is her first prank

Edanya uses a whoopie cushion on Cheyenne and then a hand buzzer on Riley. That is one too many practical jokes and it gets her a sound spanking over Riley’s knee with hand and leather strap. Cheyenne must hold down Edanya for part of the spanking. Then Riley has Cheyenne take a turn and spank Edanya as well.

Naughty Edanya gets the strap on her bare bottom for pranking her girlfriends

New Pledge Edanya’s Double Spanking gallery

At Spanking Sorority Girls there’s plenty of the pledge paddle, as you’d expect as the new pledges get initiated and begin their sorority life. You can join the site as a part of the best spanking multi-site network on the web… Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

The Folded Leather Belt

Sexy coed takes a belt spanking to prove that she is willing to do any job for her boss

Today we have 2 belt spanking scenes from Bad Tushy.

First up we have an office scene. A new female employee wants to join the company and is eager to undertake any tasks to show how enthusiastic she is. Of course, the mean boss wants her to demonstrate her suitability for the job by taking an OTK spanking with the hand and the belt. The sexy coed is first spanked over her trouser suit, then her trousers are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare bottom in these movies.

Naughty blonde takes a belt spanking from her teacher infront of the class

Then, we have a classroom scene. This time Ariel X is the strict teacher who has singled out a very sexy gum-chewing blonde for a spanking. While the office coed is spanked and takes the belt across her bare bottom over her boss’s knee, here we have an OTK belting and a standing-up belting. The blonde stands with her hands on her head facing the teacher’s desk and pushes her big, plump bottom out for the teacher to strike her across it with the folded, black belt. You can see for yourself in these sample movies.

The similarities between the two scenes are there for everyone to see. It’s the “Bad Tushy” trademark spanking of having beautiful ladies together in a scene with the elder one spanking a younger one, with a couple of girlfriends watching. It’s a formula, but what a formula. Very sexy indeed and visually stunning with all the bright colours you can see here in these scenes.

There is a skill, a knack to using the belt in a spanking. You need patience and timing and a steady hand to be able to deliver a belt spanking like these two ladies. Luckily no skill what-so-ever is needed to appreciate their handiwork. Watch these two scenes and many more lovely ladies getting a handspanking, paddling and strapping at Bad Tushy!

Bad Tushy

Spanking Model Spanked


Dani Hunt, a beautiful British spanking model is staying with Sarah Gregory. Sarah allows Dani to stay in her room, but Dani doesn’t seem to respect the space. Sarah finds it a complete mess. Her suitcase has exploded and there are spanking implements and clothing all over the floor. Sarah decides to use some of the implements to teach Dani a lesson in being a respectful house guest.


There is plenty of sexy nude spankings and kinky action at Sarah’s website, Sarah Gregory Spanking. The naughty fetish model is both a top and a bottom in plenty of OTK, bare bottom and nude spankings, paddlings and strappings.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Two Maids in Trouble

Clover examines Lizzie's already sore bottom in her old-fashioned bloomers

Clover examines Lizzie’s already sore bottom in her old-fashioned bloomers

Maids Clover and Lizzie are still in real trouble as their spanking ordeal continues. The riding crop has already been used but now their strict master uses the razor strop on their bare bottoms.

The two maids are thrashed on the bare by their master's razor strop
The two maids are thrashed on the bare by their master’s razor strop

Both ladies are punished with the painful leather implement on their bare bottoms in different positions. Lizzie’s old-fashioned bloomers are bottom-less so she is punished on the bare with her cheeks getting redder and redder while she is still wearing her bloomers.

Both ladies bend over the bed for their period-style punishment
Both ladies bend over the bed for their period-style punishment

Finally, the two maids are stripped completely naked and they stand side-by-side to be birched by their strict young master. The two ladies cling to each other in fear as the harsh birch stings their plump, English bottoms and breasts. The marks and their pain showing quite clearly as they react to every stroke. At last, the master has satisfied his desires and they are left in tears with red and marked bodies.

This scene is very old-fashioned with the two maids wearing traditional white underwear and maid’s bonnet. Their master is also dressed as a smart gentleman from a bygone era. The punishments are also very traditional with the two lovely maids getting their bare bottoms first strapped with the leather razor strop, and then birched. You can watch this full update and all the adventures of naughty, English MILF, Sarah at Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

Kami Strapped before Bedtime

Kami Robertson gets the belt on her bare bottom

Kami Robertson had been a very naughty girl and had shamed everyone at home with her poor behaviour at school. She knew what was coming before bedtime as she had been promised a proper good old fashioned humiliating discipline with his hand, hairbrush and something else which would be a nasty surprise! Kami was understandably nervous but only had herself to blame as she was told to assume the position over his knee for an unwanted bare bottom spanking. She was then given the hairbrush which stung like hell as she was further punished, wriggling in shame over his lap before the concluding part of her punishment she knew nothing about… an old fashioned leathering with his belt!

This is a particularly hard scene which has Kami whimpering and in tears at the end ensuring she is a little more aware of what would happen to her again if she dares to bring the family name into disrepute!

Kami Robertson lies face down on bed for belt before bedtime gallery

You can catch up with all of the many British ladies getting disciplined in sexy spanking fantasies such as this one at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

Valerie Bryant learns about discipline the hard way

Valerie Bryant learns about discipline the hard way - 50 bare swats with a strap!

Valerie Bryant learns about discipline the hard way – 50 bare swats with a strap!

Pretty Valerie Bryant (played by Sabrina Scott) learns that school discipline is harsh in “Learning Curve“. Bent over a desk in front of Mr Anderson, she’s taught how to use a leather tawse. What better way than to apply 50 strokes to her bouncing backside!

Firm Hand Spanking